Condos in Lethbridge

Condo ownership is gaining popularity across Canada.  The condo lifestyle in Lethbridge continues to appeal to a wide variety of people including single women homebuyers, first time homebuyers and students attending the University of Lethbridge orLethbridge College . Currently, condos in Lethbridge make up more than 25% of all properties actively for sale.  Lethbridge condo buyers are shutterstock_129502703-300x200drawn to the condo lifestyle  for many different reasons, the main ones being: 1. The carefree, low maintenance lifestyle 2. The sense of community that comes from living alongside like minded people 3. The affordability factor!

Buying a Condo in Lethbridge

Buying condos in Lethbridge is a very different process than buying a detached home. There are different conditions you want to include in your offer.  Other factors include:shutterstock_131934830-200x300

  • What are the condo fees? What do they include? Are they set at an amount that will be sufficient to cover future expenses? What future expenses is the condominium corporation planning and saving for?
  • What is included in my unit? Do I get a parking space and is it assigned, leased or owned?
  • What are the By-Laws of the condominium? Can I have a pet? Can I rent my unit out at a future date? Is there an age restriction?

Working with a REALTOR® who is familiar with condo sales and purchases is ESSENTIAL to make sure that the process goes smoothly. I completed the Condominium and the Professional REALTOR® training in 2009.  I then fine tuned my skills in another session of this course in October 2012. I have an excellent working knowledge of the various condominium documents required in the process. I can also recommend an independent condo document review services  to look over the documents before you purchase. Buying a condo is a specialized process…one that you don’t want to leave to chance! Give me a call today to put my experience and knowledge to work for you. You can reach me at (403)715-7653 Ext. 2 or by email at I look forward to assisting you!

Lethbridge Condo Buyer’s Guide

Download (PDF, 2.2MB)