Retirement in the Golden Age


As people stay healthier into their golden years they are finding the need to fill their days with more than just simple hobbies and volunteer work. The Median age of the Canadian work force continues to rise as the retired population continues to work long after the mandated retirement age of 65. Employers are becoming savvy and seeing that the experience and reliability of an older worker can be a good fit for their organization. According to Stats Canada more than 300 000 Canadians 65 or older worked in 2001. 57% were 65-69 26% were 70-74 17% were 75 or older.


Here is our list of the top retirement jobs in Lethbridge.

1. Lethbridge College – Instructor; Many educated retirees are able to put their skill and knowledge to good use in furthering the education of others. A job such as this allows for mental stimulation, a degree of flexibility and the much coveted summer break.

2. Customer Greeter –

3. Retail Sales Clerkggt.jpg25a6ec5c-1566-46f9-91d6-4aaac8670f0dOriginal

4. Tour Guide/Historian

5. Real Estate Agent

6. Bookkeeper

7. Bed and Breakfast

8. House Sitting

9. Wedding Planner

10. Home based Travel Agent

11. Green House

12. Yoga Instructor

13. Card Dealer

14. Pet Sitter

15. Public Speaker

16. Food Services/Catering  

Here are some questions to ask yourself when searching for a retirement job.

1. What is your motivation – Money, boredom, status?

2. How much freedom do you want in your retirement job?Monkey-Business

3. Do you need to earn as much money in your retirement job as you made in your traditional job?

4. How much time do you want to spend at a retirement job?

5. Are you interested in full time or part time?

6. Do you want a “Fun” retirement job or a “Serious” retirement job?

7. Are you better off working for yourself and operating an unconventional retirement business?