Single Woman Home Buyers

Single Woman Home Buyers LethbridgeThe rise of “girl power” is apparent in the world of real estate. Young professional single woman home buyers largely fueled the recent condo boom and heightened the demand for better quality appliances, finishes and security systems.

A recent poll found that 80% of first-time Canadian homebuyers between the age of 20 and 45 are single woman home buyers, which just reinforces the trend – an RBC poll last May shows that within the next two years, Canadian women (49 per cent) are more likely than men (35 per cent) to be first-time homebuyers.

When making a large puchase like that of a home, a woman’s brain draws stronger connections between several pieces of information. Unlike a man’s brain, she not only uses different sections of her brain, but also both the left and right side of her brain. By virtue of this thought process, a single woman home buyer is more likely than a man to consider long-term and future goals when purchasing a home, rather than just her immediate needs.


As women, we totally understand your need to get a “feel” for the home you are considering purchasing. We know that theWomen Home Buyers Lethbridge 
home needs to match not only your budget, but also your values, beliefs and lifestyle. We understand that you may need more time to make your decision, that you may want to involve the opinions of friends and family.

We know you will likely want more details and explanation throughout the entire process. WE UNDERSTAND!! And we are here to
help guide you through the process! We have the knowledge and resources to get YOU the home you want. Whether it be your first home, an investment property or a place to spend your vacation time. A great place to start is with the HomeBuyer’s Road Map. When you’ve had a chance to get a feel for the basics, call or text Liz Toles at (587)220-1233 or email She’s ready and standing buy with all the guidance and information you need to become a successful single woman home buyer!