The Way Colour Affects You

In Part 3 of the Colour In Your Home series, we learned how red, yellow and orange hues and tones affect the mood of a room.  Continuing, we will see how green, blue, purple and the neutrals will change or evoke a mood in a room.

  • Green – Wealth, Balance & Nature. Did you know green is said to prevent nightmares? Green is the mix of blue and yellow and is suited for any room. It relaxes, cools things down and promotes comfort and unity. Is said to help with fertility too… who knew?
  • Blue – Protection, Intelligence & Serenity. The layering of blues can create a calming effect in larger rooms like kitchens, living rooms or family rooms.But watch out!  Rooms that get little or no light, choosing blue is not the best idea, it can portray coldness.
  • Purple – Luxury, Creativity & Mystery. The richness of purple in its darkest hues is dramatic and sophisticated. When using lighter version like lavender and lilac, it creates a restful, peaceful quality.
  • Neutrals – Formal, Strength & Calmness. Black, grey, beige and white are all neutral colours and according to the fashion trends – fall in and out. But they are the basic tools in a designers colour scheme. If you want to liven up a neutral room add colour; to calm it, eliminate colours leaving just neutrals. While you can decorate a room completely with any of the neutrals, black should be used as an accent. If anything, every room should use some black to bring balance and stability.

purple-roomAll the colours mentioned can serve as secondary colours which in turn evoke their own emotions but for the most part they create depth to your colour scheme. So let the colours speak about you. Let it be a direct reflection of your personality. Don’t be afraid to change things up by using a secondary colour or accent that make a room seem completely different, even if this means you don’t repaint the walls. Be Brave! Just do it!