Black Wolf

BlackWolf is one of the newest neighborhoods in north Lethbridge and is developed just on the inside edge of Uplands subdivision. It is accessed through the streets of  the Uplands from the north end of Kodiak Boulevard, and also other routes through the subdivision.

BlackWolf has been described as living in a small town in the city. Planned development includes tree lined boulevards, water features, pedestrian friendly walkways and a feel of old world charm in a new, exciting and vibrant neighborhood.

The development offers single family detached homes as well as urban townhomes with no condo fees. Architectural style is very appealing and goes hand in hand with the overall vision of the community.  You could say the area is “the new kid on the block”. The developer is a locally owned, award winning “Built

There is transportation nearby, sufficient shopping, and many other professional services are also available within minutes of your doorstep. In this unique and charming neighborhood you may just want to stay at home and enjoy your beautiful surroundings!

Map of Black Wolf