St. Edwards

St. Edwards

Located just off St. Edwards Boulevard to the north lies the “Saint” area. The west boundary is Stafford Drive and east boundary is 13 Street north. It is a small neighborhood with most of the houses designed with a front sloping roof and situated on small lots. There are just a few streets in this cozy neighborhood and usually only front parking pads will be seen for the homes here. A lot of the houses back onto St. Edwards Park which is a family park with a newer play area. Prices can range from $180,000 to $220,000 depending on size. On the south side of St. Edwards Boulevard you will find some bigger, but still mature homes, sitting on bigger lots, and these homes will sell for more because of size. A lot of these homes have garages so that also accounts for higher purchase prices.

The newest area is St. James Terrace which is north of St. Edwards Boulevard. The two areas are separated by a green strip. The homes in this area are newer and built on bigger lots and most have front attached garages. There are some multi-family dwellings in this area also. Again, there are only a few streets, so it is fairly easy to navigate. The prices of course are higher because of age and lot size and bigger square footage in the homes. Lethbridge Christian School sits on the north corner of the entrance to this neighborhood.

Stafford Plaza is on the corner of Stafford Drive and St. Edwards Boulevard and is very convenient to the people who live in the area. It has a small convenience store, a neighborhood pub which also offers a varied menu and a couple other convenience stores. It is very near to Legacy Ridge and Uplands subdivision and with plenty of shopping to meet most every day needs. Public transportation is very nearby also.

Just across Stafford Boulevard, there is a playground and access to the coulees where many people walk their dogs etc. Be sure to check out this neighborhood if you are looking for comfortable home prices and convenient lifestyle!

Map of St. Edwards