Staffordville, also originally known as “Number Three” or “Stafford” is a residential neighborhood located north of Dave Elton Park. Staffordville was formerly a village located north of the City of Lethbridge. The village was annexed by the city in 1913.

This is a small neighborhood located west of Stafford Drive North on Stafford Boulevard. The original area was developed first many years ago and a newer portion, extending to the west end of Stafford Blvd, was added many years later. The first few streets are “bays” with street signs that are numbered 100-200 as street descriptions to help with finding the address. The homes in this more mature area would be considered “entry level” homes and are priced accordingly. Most of the homes only have parking pads in front, and there is also some off- street parking. There are no lanes behind the houses here, so garages are not a common sight.

As you go further west on Stafford Boulevard, a newer section was developed over the years. The lots in this area are bigger so of course the homes are also bigger and most of them have front attached garages. Most of the homes on the outer perimeter of this extension back onto fields, so getting a view is a possibility here. These homes of course sell for higher dollars because of lot sizes and newer in age.

There is some shopping nearby at Stafford Plaza which is a small neighborhood convenience plaza, and it is within walking distance of the neighborhood.

Map of Staffordville