The Uplands residential subdivision in Lethbridge is located on the edge of the city north of 26 Avenue N and east of 13 street N. Main arteries of access are 23 St N, 13 St N, and Stafford Drive N. This growing community has homes of various ages and is still being developed with many new builds. It has much to offer any type of home owner, from first time home buyers to retirees. There are also multi-family dwellings available.

Uplands is a popular community with Chinook Lake at one entrance, many parks and green spaces, community walkways, and its own shopping complex to accommodate everyday living without actually going out of the community.       

With easy access to Sherring Industrial Park and the downtown core, anywhere you work is only minutes away. It is located very near Walmart Supercentre which has many other surrounding businesses and services that would meet most needs for the people living in the Uplands subdivision.

Lethbridge city has proposed an area near the north boundary of Uplands for our next city park. Described as a park for the people, it is envisioned as a place where people can play, relax, and enjoy being connected to their community.  Homes in this subdivision range from mid $250,000 up to approximately $800,000 for the homes with a lot of sq footage and overlooking  Chinook Lake. As you can see, this is a community where everyone can feel welcome.

Map of Uplands