Lethbridge Home Values

There are a couple of options we can offer you:

Option 1 –  Based on the details you provide us, we will send you a weekly report of homes that have sold that are similar to yours. This will help to give you a basic understanding of the value of your home.

Option 2 – We will come view your home in person and prepare a thorough comparative market analysis for you. This report will give you a very defined price range for your home, suggestions on how to prepare your home for sale, andways to maximize the money you earn from your home sale.

Please indicate which option you would like in the comments section at the bottom of the form.

***We take your privacy very seriously and we are here to help when YOU ask for it. You WILL NOT be spammed with unwanted emails or phone calls and we certainly won’t show up at your doorstep uninvited! Nobody likes that….. including us!! We also don’t want to interfere if you are already in a contract with another real estate agent. We strive to keep great relationships with the other agents in our community because it really does make a difference when you are working together to help a person buy or sell a home. Thanks in advance for your understanding and we look forward to hearing from you!!

Lethbridge Home Values